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Let me show you in 2 minutes how to create awesome typeforms that people will love filling in.
Step 1: Create a new typeform

To get started, hover your mouse on the big "Create a new typeform" button. You'll have the option to start a new typeform from scratch or use one of our customizable templates.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a typeform from scratch.
Step 2: Drag & drop

Start by creating a Welcome screen once you're inside the builder. Drag the green "Welcome screen" button from the left hand side of the builder to the green placeholder on the right ... The Welcome screen editor will pop up.
Step 3: Welcome screen

The Welcome screen will be the first thing people will see. It's your chance to entice them to take your typeform and make a great first impression!

Start by uploading your logo, an image or even an animated GIF. (You can also import a video). Then, write an engaging welcome text, customize the "start" button and click "Save".
Step 4: Add and compose your first question

Once you're back in the builder, choose one of the several question types available on the left and drag it to the grey placeholder on the right. The question editor will pop up.

Remember to keep your questions short to keep your respondents focused and engaged.
Step 5: Build a conversation, not a list of questions

Leverage Typeform's full potential to ask people better questions.

For example, pipe the answer to a previous question to the text of subsequent questions. In the screenshot below, I'm piping the respondent's name to make the question feel more conversational.

Avoiding open-ended questions and using engaging question types such as "Picture choice" and "Rating" will also help keeping your respondents engaged and boosting completion rates.
Step 6: Get dressed for success

At any point, you can go to the Design section to customize the look & feel of your typeform to your liking and make your brand shine. You can customize colors, fonts and backgrounds. Or you can simply choose one of our beautiful pre-made Themes.

Typeformers that take a minute or two to customize their typeform's design get higher completion rates.
Step 7: Set up the backstage

In the Configure section, you can:

✔ Adjust basic settings: language, meta information, progress widget, etc;
✔ Set up notifications to receive and / or send an e-mail every time someone answers your typeform;
✔ Customize the default system texts such as validations, helpers and error messages;
✔ Set Typeform to automatically send your results to your favorite app (e.g. a Google spreadsheet)
Step 8: It's showtime!

In the Distribute section, there are several options available for you to share your typeform:

✔ You can grab its URL and share it on social media or through your email contacts;
✔ You can make it open in a pop-up in your website;
✔ You can embed it in your website, blog or Facebook Page as a widget or a full page.
Step 9: Analyze your data

Finally, in the Analyze section, you can:

✔ View metrics to see how your typeform is performing across devices;
✔ Display results in a table or download them;
✔ Connect your Google Analytics account;
✔ Get insights into the data you've collected with reports that look as good as your typeform.
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