Thanks for purchasing a ticket for EGX! We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the biggest and best videogames event in the UK.
Please could you fill in a quick (5 minutes, 26 question) multiple-choice survey to help improve the show and also help us understand our attendees better?

Please answer as many questions as you'd like to, all feedback is valuable!
Improving EGX

Now you're coming to EGX 2016, who are you attending with?

What single element would make EGX 2016 great for you?

3. Who are your favourite YouTube/Streaming personalities that you'd like to see at EGX?

Please state below - if you don't watch them, please say so
What speakers (for our developer sessions and stages) shall we try to book for this year's EGX?

Please state below
Tournaments and stages

We're planning more casual tournaments. If you were to take part, which game would you prefer?

What are your favourite eSports games to spectate?

Please choose all that you like!

Gaming platforms

Which platform would you anticipate playing most at this year's EGX?

Which device do you use the most to play games?

Gaming habits

What types of games do you like playing?

Please choose all that you like!

In a typical week, how long do you play games for?

In a typical week, how long do you play games ONLINE for?

In a typical month, how much do you spend on gaming? Please include the cost of equipment, software, subscriptions and entry to any gaming events.

Online content

In a typical week, how long do you watch other people play games (YouTube/Twitch) for?

Which platform do you usually watch other people's gameplay on?

Internet survey

Who provides your broadband/internet service?

Which ONE of the following best describes your broadband/internet speed?

Is this connection capped?

How satisfied are you with your internet provider?

Please say why you aren't satisfied

Thinking about your gaming experience, how important are the following broadband features when you are gaming?

Download speeds

Upload speeds

Delay/ping time

Not having traffic management

Reliability and stability in performance

Unlimited internet with no usage caps

Fibre optic broadband

Value for money



Packet Loss

Are you the person in your household who is responsible, either solely or jointly, for dealing with your telephone, broadband and television services?

Finally, a few questions about you

Which of the following best describes your household?


What is your occupation?

If overseas, please tell us where!

Thank you for taking part in our survey!

This information will be invaluable to us delivering a better show this year that has more space, is more fun, and better value.

We'll see you in September!